Sunday, June 21, 2009

We are still here

I know it has been awhile since I updated the blog but it has been a most trying one month. I was two staff short at the daycare centre and after 12 hours of looking after the babies and having to clean and wash up each night I was really too exhausted to think straight. I had forgotten how time consuming housework is. In addition my electricity supply kept tripping every night so cannot use the pc at all. Finally found the culprit which is a burnt out fan upstairs which we only use at night which explains why the tripping only happens at night. I got my domestic help at last and hopefully, things are back to normal now so I have time to write again.

First of all Marie celebrated her 13th birthday in April so she is now officially a teenager and coming out with spots on her face.

Update on Wei Jun and Jeun Yip

Wei Jun actually left the centre in April but came back after 2 weeks because he missed his friends here.

Here he is with his best friend Jeun Yip. Both of them are teething and they compete with each other to produce the most amount of saliva. If you do not see them just follow the trail of saliva and you will find them.

They both love playing with Marissa (one of the twins)

Jeun Yip is shy in showing his affections

Wei Jun loves kissing Marissa even though there are bars between them.

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Ann said...

Oh...I miss the babies !!! How much they have grown!!!