Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July News Flash

This month we welcome 1 new model to our childcare centre

Zaydeen is 2 months old

Chloe and Li Harng celebrated their first birthday which was 4 days apart

Disastrous start as it was just before their nap time so we had to scrap the celebration and let them have their nap first.

This is better after their nap.

"Hi there! I'm one year old today!"

"I like my cake!"

Another birthday!!!!

Benjamin celebrated his second birthday.

Benjamin’s birthday cake

Loving brothers. See that cheeky grin on Benjamin’s face.

Benjamin’s friends singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him

One more birthday!!!

One of the maids celebrating her birthday.

Josiah and Kyan completed their fourth month so time to learn how to eat semi solids. For more information on how to wean your baby go to: Weaning baby onto solids



Waiting to start

The first mouthful

Not too bad so we will have some more.