Sunday, August 23, 2009

My baby gymnast is one year old !!

I cannot believe that all the babies are one year old or will be soon. It seems like only yesterday when they came to the centre. So far, 4 of them are one year old and this is Jeun Yip celebrating his first birthday.

Hey! Are all my friends here?

That's my birthday cake

Mummy helping me to cut my cake

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Natural cure for AH1N1?

I just received this email and I do wonder if this natural therapy does work but considering that almost everyone who contrscts the virus dies from pneumonia, I feel that doing something is better than doing nothing at all and it does not cost much.


My staff was crying herself sick on Tuesday morning...was told that her son was confirmed of H1N1 in his Uni at Kangar, Perlis...worse was that when he was bedridden 2 days the warden didnt even bother to sent to hospital till his dad came fm KL and with his friends assistance brought him to GH Kangar....

No one bothered in the hospital and he was put in the normal ward for another 2 days!!! (imagine the amount of people he has infected!!) .....after 2 days and his eyes were turning yellow and saliva greenish...he was put in quarantined room...

His mom practically fainted just telling me the story.. cant do much cos she does not have enough money to go to the north with the father...

First thing we did was made her call the hospital and insist that they sent him to Sg.Buloh Hospital or any other hospital in KL since they seemed to be more alert and more equipt...they refused of I sent her off to Kangar the same day to solve the problem.

Whilst this was happening, I had a call from one Ustaz who was in town to "help cure" another H1N1 child in Shah Alam....and was told this simple prescription by him.....


For those with sore throat please blend the apples and keep on taking till your fever disappear and yr symtoms are gone....I cannot explain it but the child in Shah Alam was ok too after taking this tip....

My staff's son was given the apple juice for the whole day on Monday/Tuesday and he was out of the fever yesterday Wednesday... .she called me and was crying on the phone to say that her son was out of ICU and was able to eat normally...all these happened within just 4 days today (thursday 6 august)...

This is just to share with my fellow sisters and brothers and hope this small info could assist others as well, No harm in trying and anything can happen!!!!"

Health benefits of apples

Apples contain flavonoids, antioxidants that improve immune function and prevent heart disease and some cancers. Apples also have antiviral properties and will help you detoxify your body. Green apples act as a liver and gall bladder cleanser and may aid in softening gallstones.

Because of their high water content, apples are cooling and moistening and aid in reducing fever. Simply grate them and serve them to feverish patients. Steamed apples sweetened with honey are beneficial for a dry cough and may help to remove mucous from the lungs.

Easy on the digestion, apples contain malic and tartaric acids that inhibit fermentation in the intestines. Their high fiber content adds bulk that aids the digestive process, making elimination natural and comfortable. Apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber that encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Apples are a good source of potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C. A single apple has approximately 1500mg of vitamin C to give the immune system a boost. Additionally, there are trace amounts of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and zinc. The skin of an apple contains quercetin an anti-oxidant found to lower the risk of heart disease and even prevent the cell changes that lead to cancer. If you eat two apples a day you can reduce your cholesterol level by up to 10%. Apples also reduce the risk of type II diabetes, COPD, stroke, respiratory disease, some types of cancer and asthma. Eating raw apples gives the gums a healthy massage and cleans the teeth.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Giving fruits to small children

Almost all the babies are 10 months old so time to introduce fruits. I personally do not like to puree the fruits because, firstly I am too lazy to do this and secondly but most importantly, processing fruits will reduce the nutritional contents of the fruits. I also do not like to extract the juice because the children need the fibre to prevent constipation and some of the vital nutrients are in the fibre so by just giving the juice alone your baby will not have all the nutrients of the fruit
Most of the children have a few front teeth so they can bite through the fruits but they do not know how to properly chew food yet therefore it is important to use the right method to feed them.

Fruits like apples are hard therefore the best way is to scrape them. Cut the fruit into big slices.

Using a teaspoon, scrape the fruit until you get a pulp onto the spoon.

Offer it to the child. Continue scraping and feeding it to the baby until the slice is finished. It is best to start with one big slice and as your child gets used to the fruit you can give more.

If the fruit is soft you can give it slice by slice instead of mashing it up. This will teach your baby to enjoy the real texture of the fruit and it is less messy. I like to use the local ‘pisang emas’ because the texture is smoother and one banana is just nice for small children.

Peel the banana and using a teaspoon, slice off a small piece at a time.

Feed your child one slice at a time.

If you give kiwi fruits, cut it into halves

Use the ‘slicing’ method

Give one slice at a time until it is all gone.

Watermelon should be cut into very small cubes

Use a fork to offer the cut fruits to the child

Jeun Yip showing us that the fruit is good. All children cannot use their thumb to show the “this is good” sign so they use their fore finger.