Friday, February 29, 2008

February News

Hi! My name is Christopher and I have just completed my 4th month.

Aunty Cecilia says that today I have to start learning how to eat semi-solids. If I leave it too long I will not be able to coordinate taking food into the mouth and swallowing it.

See the bowl? It has 1 teaspoon baby rice mixed with water to make a smooth paste and I am supposed to eat all that.

Ok, I am ready for the first mouthful.

Yikes! What was that? This taste yucky.

I am so used to drinking my nice milk from a bottle and this is nothing like it!

Hmm, you want my opinion about the paste? Firstly, it is absolutely tasteless. It is not as smooth as my milk and it is not easy moving it to the back of my mouth to swallow it.

Ok aunty Cecilia, you can hit me again with the next spoonful.

Oops! Looks like I did not get it right because it all came out again.

“Not to worry” says aunty Cecilia “we’ll just scoop it back in again and again if necessary”

See! She got it all back in and I swallowed it all.

Hold it! Hold it! Let me think. Do I want to continue eating this tasteless yucky paste???

Hey! I am not a quitter so let’s go. Give me the next spoonful….

…… and the next.

…… and the next.

Hello, I finished all that was in the bowl in 15 minutes. Heck! It wasn't that bad after all. Aunty Cecilia says that I am a clever boy and we will do this again tomorrow. She says that I can only eat this once a day for the next 3 weeks then she will add vegetable powder to the rice. Hmm, wonder what that will taste like.

“Hey aunty Cecilia, does this mean that I can now eat the same food as my mummy and daddy?”

Sigh! She says no, I will have to wait until I am over 1 year old before I can do that but she will let me start eating some cheese and other stuff when I am over 10 months old, yeah! Eh….what is cheese?

Zaydeen progressing to crawling on all fours instead of commando style.

Happy first birthday to my ‘3 musketeers’




We say goodbye to Jeffrey.

Comments from the previous website on Special Events:
Posted by Ann 29 January 2008, 07:29:11 AM

Hehehe....I love Christopher's expressions! It is so easy to read what he is thinking!

Posted by David Kung 29 January 2008, 09:53:39 PM

Hi Ann,

GREAT SITE...esp for young mums and dads and even grandparents.THANKS.