Monday, April 30, 2007

April News

April is a special month for me because it is the month when Marie and I celebrate our birthdays.

Celebrating our birthdays the western way. We normally share a cake as our birthdays are only 3 days apart. This year our combined age is 68.

The traditional Chinese way of celebrating birthdays is to eat a bowl of long life noodles. I love tradition therefore I make it a point to have this noodle every year even when I was living in London. This year is even more special because for the first time in my life, both my ‘English’ and Chinese birthdays fall on the same day.


This month we welcome 2 new models to our childcare centre.

Kyan is 7 weeks old. He is ex-model Ky-Reen's new brother.

Cody is 9 weeks old.


Tong Tong and Benjamin practising for their "graduation ball"!


Remember what Derrick was doing in January? He could sit up by himself.

Well, this is what Derrick is doing now! He started crawling in February. See how far he can walk by himself!

This month we bid farewell to Nicholas and Dana who have graduated from the centre.

Remember his role in ‘Changing nappy’

Dana Remember her role in ‘Giving medicine to babies’