Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review of my book

I am on top of the world because of the excellent review of my book from the Star news paper’s website

The best book on feeding for Asian parents

17 October 2011


“This is not a dolled up book. At first glance, you might not even want to pick it up. The cover is not particularly attractive and the pages do not look impressive.

However, not picking it up would be the worst decision you make if you're a new mother.

Pick it up, for although there aren't beautiful studio photos inside and the layout of the pages looks a bit textbook-like, the content is irreplaceable and indeed a gem.”

Go to the links below to read the rest of the review

The book is not available in bookshops yet but you can purchase it from my website

If you are in the Klang Valley, you can purchase it from

The retail pharmacy
Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya

Uniq Full Moon Speciality Shop
No: 4 Jalan Kenari 11, Bandar Puchong Jaya.
Tel: 03-8070 0686

Klinik kanak kanak Oh
SS2 Petaling Jaya

Klinik kanak kanak Koe
Overseas Union Garden – Old Klang Road

Dr Kim Wong Women’s clinic
Centrepoint – Bandar Utama

Sally at Dr Wong Wai Peng’s clinic
Pantai Medical Centre

A reminder that 50% of the sales proceeds will go to 5 children’s charities so, if you purchase the book you will be helping some unfortunate children.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My book is ready!!!

Well, I made it to being a published author!! But, the most important thing is that now there is a book to help new parents on how to best feed their baby using both western and asian practices. I have used a lot of pictures to illustrate the techniques and procedures so that the information is light and easy to remember. Below you can see what the book looks like and also what the contents are.


Section One – Feeding Your Newborn Baby

Chapter 1: Breast or Bottle

Chapter 2: Antenatal Preparations
- Preparing for Breast-feeding
- Mental preparations
- Physical preparations
- Preparing for Bottle-feeding
- What to buy for bottle-feeding
- Choosing a formula

Chapter 3: Getting Started
- Management of Breast-feeding
- supply and demand
- steps for successful breast-feeding
- Expressing breast-feeding
- Management of Bottle-feeding
- Sterilising bottles
- Making up a feed

Chapter 4: Baby Feeding Techniques
- Positions for Breast-feeding
– Positions for Bottle-feeding
- Burping your Baby

Chapter 5: Feeding Problems
- Breast-feeding problems
- Sore or cracked nipples
- Fungal Infection
- Painful lumps
- Engorged breasts
- Diminishing milk supply
- Bottle-feeding problems
- Some technical problems and what to do

Chapter 6: Looking after yourself
- Eating the Right Food
- Traditional Chinese confinement food
- Eating fruits and vegetables
- Recipes for making confinement teas and papaya soup

Section Two – All About Solid Food

Chapter 7: Weaning your baby
- Weaning schedule
- Preparing the porridge
- What to put in the porridge

Chapter 8 : Introducing fruits to small children
- When to start giving fruits
- Schedule for giving fruits

Chapter 9: Feeding your toddler
- Different eating styles
- Teaching your toddler to feed himself

Chapter 10: Food Facts
- Western Food Classification
- Asian Food Classification

Chapter 11: Cooking for your toddler and family
- Fish recipes
- Chicken recipes
- Pork recipes
- Vegetable recipes
- Soup recipes
- Pasta recipes

Chapter 12: Food Related Problems
- Colic
- Constipation
- Diarrhoea
- Allergic reactions
- Choking
- How to do CPR

The book is priced at RM 38.00 per copy. Currently, the book is not available in the book stores so if you are interested in purchasing a copy please check on my website for postal rates and how to order.
50% of the sales proceeds will go to 5 children's charities so if you buy the book, you will also be helping needy children. I look forward to your support. Thank you

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Additions to some families

My goodness, I did not realise that it is so long since I wrote anything. Anyway, I am excited to let you know that some families who use my childcare centre have had new additions. They are:

Zhi Xuan’s little sister Zhi Qing

Juen Yip’s little brother Joe Yip

Elena’s little sister Evangel

Jade’s little brother Kieren

They are so gorgeous and so different from their older siblings.